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AKO is the name of a powerful and great person in the Kurdish language. AKO is a magnificent, luxurious, modern and safe brand in the construction industry, which is designed based on the latest technology in the world and in accordance with the international standards EN115, EN81 and the European standard (CE). AKO is the only elevator package in the world with a 4-year warranty.


An Engineered solution for passenger, services & hospitals elevators for low, mid and high rise residential and commercial buildings. Allows for higher interior finish allowance, speed, and travel. In all buildings, AKO has many transportation solutions available. AKO has an entire range to service new & existing buildings, always providing safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

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AKO escalator is the ideal solution to moving large groups of people in buildings safely and quickly AKO has solutions for all applications – from shopping centers to airports & railway stations. Eco-efficiency, flexible design and a high focus on safety are the building blocks of different types of AKO escalators.

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Moving Walks

AKO versatile moving walks are enhancing mobility in airports, railway stations and other public and commercial spaces. They transport people with luggage and shopping carts safely, where permitted comfortably and efficiently. AKO moving walk has a power efficient driving system and pleasant riding quality with simple design.

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Maintenance Services

AKO committed services team are invested in the future of your elevators. Every day, our team roll up their sleeves to keep people on the move.  our highly trained mechanics and support teams can ensure a faster return to service. Alongside our 24/7 support team, our mechanics have a suite of digital support tools enabling expedited onsite maintenance and safe, comfortable rides.

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AKO Worldwide

AKO elevators , escalators and moving walkways move millions of people around the world up and down buildings and between shopping centers every day.















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