One step higher

Safe and fast

AKO escalator is the ideal solution to moving large groups of people in buildings safely and quickly. AKO has solutions for all applications – from shopping centers to airports & railway stations. AKO creates eco-friendly masterpieces to meet the requirements of urban life by utilizing modern technology and up-to-date management systems. AKO escalators can be customized with different materials & extra options to suit customer’s needs & project specifications. AKO products can be manufactured to operate in every climate to meet the requirements of each individual environment and can be made to keep up with any project’s workload based on its utilization.

your safety is our top priority

Full range of safety protection devices

Delivering safe and reliable products and services is an essential element of the way we work. AKO escalator adhere to strict safety codes and standards and incorporate a wide variety of product safety features. These features are designed encourage proper ridership, prevent accidents and give passengers a quick, dependable ride.

Escalator handrail

Color by color, of your choice

Consider matching your escalator handrails with your surroundings and to make the environment more appealing. More than ever, building owners are pushing the limits beyond black handrails and realizing the endless possibilities. AKO escalator handrail is easy to clean and stays vibrant & glossy for the life of the handrail.

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Enhance the space utilization

Expand available space

AKO series escalators brand new technological innovation optimizes truss structure size, saving additional space to be used for more valuable purposes for the customers. By shortening the Truss requires less escalator installation space and increases freedom in building layout.

Escalator Balustrade

Design unique

AKO escalator has choices for the type of step based on the user environment. In standard and normal mode, the indoor escalator step is made of aluminum alloy, without color and boundary line. In the optional mode for the interior, the step of the escalator is made of stainless steel alloy with a reinforced artificial resin cover and is yellow in color (3 sides). In the third case, the step of the escalator installed in the outdoor space (Outdoor Escalator) is made of aluminum alloy and is yellow in color (4 sides).

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Escalator Balustrade

Design unique

AKO manufactures its durable, safe, and elegant escalators, and main components with reliance upon luxury taste and the world’s cutting edge technology, compliant with global standards. One of the competitive advantages of AKO is allowing its customers to choose their own unique materials to make their order truly one of a kind. A choice of balustrade designs allows you to balance the aesthetic, safety and durability requirements of virtually any location and traffic environment.

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Classification of AKO escalators

Based on traffic and usage

AKO escalators are classified into two categories, low traffic (commercial) and high traffic (infrastructure) escalators based on the type of use. Low-traffic escalators are installed in commercial buildings such as small and large shopping centers, and high-traffic escalators are used in high-traffic environments such as subway stations, airports, train stations, overpasses, etc.

پله برقی پر ترافیک
پله برقی کم ترافیک

Types of AKO escalators

Based on installation location

AKO escalators are divided into three categories based on installation location: indoor escalators, semi outdoor escalators, and outdoor escalators. becomesIndoor escalators are used in closed environments where the ambient temperature is controlled and are not exposed to factors such as rain and snow.

اTypes of AKO escalators

Based on the angle

AKO escalators are divided into three categories based on installation location: indoor escalators, semi outdoor escalators, and outdoor escalators. becomes The table below shows the general specifications of each model. To know the full technical specifications of each model, click on more information at the bottom of the table.

6000mmMaximum rise
0.5Rated speed (m/s)
VVVF inverterControl system
4500 , 6750 , 9000Capacity (pers/hr)