One step ahead

Reliable and luxurious

AKO moving walk is a smart and environmentally friendly solution to increase urban mobility in high traffic environments. This product optimizes traffic flow and efficiency of passenger transportation system in train stations , airports, shopping malls , department stores and office complexes. AKO moving walk is currently among the best in the world , but this is not enough for us. That's why we are constantly innovating to improve its performance, efficiency , comfort and appearance. AKO moving walk can be customized with different materials and additional options according to the type of use and project specifications.

Design in your style

Full range of optional design

AKO moving walk provides you with a wide range of design features according to the taste and architecture of the construction project. These features include glass and opaque balustrades in a variety of finishes , innovative color options for handrails, decking , skirt panels , etc. , multiple lighting and floor cover options.

Moving walk handrail

Color by color, of your choice

Consider matching your moving walk handrails with your surroundings and to make the environment more appealing. More than ever, building owners are pushing the limits beyond black handrails and realizing the endless possibilities. AKO moving walk handrail is easy to clean and stays vibrant & glossy for the life of the handrail.

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Based on your requirement

Customize the product

AKO moving walk can be customized with different materials & extra options to suit customer’s needs & project specifications. AKO manufactures its durable, safe, and elegant escalators, and main components with reliance upon luxury taste and the world’s cutting edge technology, compliant with global standards. One of the competitive advantages of AKO is allowing its customers to choose their own unique materials to make their order truly one of a kind.

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Classification of AKO moving walk

Based on traffic and usage

AKO moving walk are classified into two categories , low traffic (commercial) and high traffic (infrastructure) moving walk based on the type of use. Low-traffic moving walk are installed in commercial buildings such as small and large shopping centers, and high-traffic moving walk are used in high-traffic environments such as subway stations, airports , train stations, overpasses , etc.

پیاده روی متحرک پر ترافیک
پیاده روی متحرک کم ترافیک

Types of AKO moving walks

Based on installation location

AKO moving walk is divided into three categories based on installation location: indoor moving walk, semi outdoor moving walk, and fully open moving walk. (Outdoor moving walk) is categorized.Indoor moving walkways are used in closed environments where the ambient temperature is controlled and are not exposed to factors such as rain and snow.

Classification of AKO moving walk

Based on installation location

AKO moving walks are divided into three categories based on installation location: indoor moving walks , semi outdoor moving walks , and outdoor moving walks. Becomes
9000mmMaximum rise
0.5Rated speed (m/s)
VVVF inverterControl system
4500 , 6750 , 9000Capacity (pers/hr)