Elevator Repair , Service & Maintenance

The value your elevators provide is directly related to how well they are maintained. That’s why AKO provides industry leading elevator services designed to maximize safety and efficiency for buildings throughout world. Our Technical services are the backbone of our organization. We take tremendous pride in upholding the principles our company was founded on by bringing a level of personalized care and attention that has escaped our industry.

Protect Your Investment

AKO Elevator Service offers a unique service program for elevator equipment of all types. Our exclusive Proactive Maintenance program provides the most comprehensive care available for your equipment, no matter its age & condition. Our proactive elevator maintenance plans help customers save money and minimize downtime by avoiding breakdowns, costly repairs and unplanned replacement of parts. Our elevator maintenance plans are specifically designed to keep systems running consistently by finding, diagnosing and fixing problems before they cause a shutdown.


Extend the Life of Elevator

Regularly-scheduled monthly preventative maintenance visits provide the essential care that is vital to extend the useful life of your equipment. During these scheduled visits, your maintenance mechanic will lubricate all rotating equipment and other moving parts.

Move Without Interruption

During each visit, Atlantic Elevator Service inspects and tests critical components in order to determine any potential equipment failures. In anticipation of a component failure, we can order parts and schedule a repair in advance of a sudden shutdown to significantly reduce service interruption.


Global Support

AKO's global Accounts service program is designed to be agile to service properties across different geographies and flexible to personalize our service around your unique needs.our maintenance services help assure that your elevators and escalators are always available. Experienced and trained technicians, supported by a global network of maintenance experts in 14 countries, are available to reduce service calls and maintain your equipment

Reconstruction of the Elevator

Renovating the existing elevator in your project with the AKO elevator will increase the safety and security of the elevator, increase the performance and reliability of the equipment, meet the requirements for people with physical challenges, and improve the aesthetics and architecture of your elevator and building. Elevator renovations according to AKO's upgrade program can help increase the value and capital of your building. Among other advantages and key features of elevator renovation :

  • Replace older electromechanical systems with new technologies to improve reliability.
  • Improve performance and achieve smoother rides with upgraded dispatching strategies and gentle door operation.
  • Bring your system up to code compliance with new safety features.
  • New energy-efficient components can help many older installations consume less energy and provide continuing savings year after year.
  • Security upgrades can help control unauthorized use of elevators, or restrict access to selected floors.
  • Appearance means more than just a pretty face. Cab and fixtures upgrades can improve functionality, reliability and accessibility as well.