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Technical Specifications

AKO moving walk with a 10~12 degree angle (inclined moving walk) can be installed up to a 48,000 mm long. This type of moving walk can be used in indoor moving walk, semi-outdoor moving walk, and outdoor moving walk without any restrictions on the installation location. The specifications and technical layout of the inclined moving walk are as follows.

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Horizontal Length

The horizontal length is equal to the distance between the beginning of the footrest of the moving walk at the starting point and the end of the footrest at the end point of the moving walk, which is designed and implemented based on the needs of the project. The horizontal length is determined based on the project conditions and requests after determining the starting point, end point and appropriate angle according to the formula for each angle.

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Moving Walk Angle

This type of moving walk is manufactured with 10 to 12 degree angle of inclination and is used for long horizontal directions.

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Ceiling Opening

In order to install a moving walk, an opening must be considered on the upper floor with suitable width and length. The opening width is equal to the total moving walk(s) width and the opening length must be designed in a way that the vertical height between pallets tread surface under the available ceiling is never less than 2.30 meters. This vertical height must be considered to provide safe headroom for passengers.

NOTE: To calculate the ceiling opening length, the upper floor thickness is required.

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Wellway Opening

In order to install a moving walk, a pit with suitable width and length must be considered on the lower floor. The wellway width is equal to the total moving walk(s) width and the length must be designed in a way that the lower section of the truss can be located beneath the surface of the lower floor. As a result, the moving walk floor plate will be at the same level as the lower floor finished surface.

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Moving Walk Width

The width of the AKO angled movable walk is 1000 mm. The total width of the device (W5) is 1550 mm and the total width of the construction pit (W5+40) is 1590 mm.

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Support Beam

For moving walkways with long horizontal length, according to calculations based on the length and load, a middle support should be considered to prevent buckling in the middle part.

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Nominal Speed of Moving Walk

According to the EN 115-1:2017 standard, the nominal speed of a moving walkway with an inclination angle greater than 6 degrees should not exceed 0.5 m/s. The recommended nominal speed for angled moving walks is 0.5 m/s, especially where cargo carts are carried on moving tracks.

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Exerted Loads on Building Structure

The loads that the moving walk imposes on the building structure include the total load resulting from the weight of the moving walk, live load and dynamic load along with a calculated safety factor that is added to the total load. The final result is applied in a maximum of 4 places. Two main loads (R1 – R2) are applied on the designed building beams at the beginning and end of the track. For moving walk of great length, intermediate supports should be considered based on n calculations to avoid buckling in the middle part. These loads (Rn) are applied to the intermediate supports.

Types of AKO moving walks

Based on the angle

According to the standard, the mobile walker is produced in two types, completely horizontal and angled. The movable walking angle can be 10, 11 and 12 degrees. According to the European standard UNI EN 115 (Safety rules for the construction and installation of escalators and moving walkways) Directive 98/37/CE, the slope angle of the moving walkway should not exceed 12 degrees.
In the table below are the general specifications of the AKO mobile walker (completely horizontal and angled). To know the full technical specifications of each model, click on more information at the bottom of the table.
9000mmMaximum rise
0.5Rated speed (m/s)
VVVF inverterControl system
4500 , 6750 , 9000Capacity (pers/hr)